The creative and spiritual journey of a (textile) recycler. . .

I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now. I just couldn’t seem to get started. I thought. . what would I say, what would I do and really . . . . . who would care.

Last year I had the great fortune to witness a ‘happening’. As a spouse at a reunion (I know, groan) I was both an observer and participant. This reunion was attended by some of the most creative and talented people on the face of the planet. Really, no exaggeration! But many were holding onto life long insecurities. They didn’t think they were talented enough and embarrassed to perform in front of each other for fear of . . who knows . . . finger pointing, whispers, laughter, ridicule of some sort for sure. Once it was revealed that many shared the same feelings, the healing began. And I was the lucky one. I got to witness it all and benefit as well.

So, the message is that we all think we are not good enough compared to someone else, but we are. Don’t let your fears and insecurities stop you. We can’t measure our own success by someone else’s talents.

This revelation and the kindness / support of strangers has propelled my creative journey to a place I had given up ever getting to. Tho I thought my creative juices were dried up forever, they have merely been reawakened. Many thanks to all involved in my process, including in-part . . Victoria B, Mrs. W., Charles Mc., Claudia H, Mary B, Cindy G, Sandy B, Traci B., Kat C, and my IAA family. So, thank you. I dedicate this blog to all of you!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summertime Scavenger Hunt - 2013: Clouds

People tell me that they never see anything in clouds. 

Well, there must be something wrong with me.
I see something in just about every cloud.

When you get to the end, feel free to tell me if I'm crazy or not...

flying bird
angel or crusader holding cross in right hand
man yelling or blowing wind
(head & shoulders, facing right)
shark going after little fish
long haired, beared man with smoke billowing out of pipe
(man facing left)
dragon, shark, boar traveling together
strong man

(mouth open, facing upward)
shark jumping in air
(wings on left side of angel)
puppy sitting on cloud
(2 dark eyes in center, mouth & chin at bottom)
curved hand reaching up

I can't tell you how many cool clouds I had to pass up.
Either traffic was moving too fast,
or the trucks blocked my view,
or too tall trees were in the way..
ugh.. so aggravating.

And no.. I don't take pix while driving. That's not safe.
I was the passenger.

So were you able to see what I saw??
Some of them have secondary images which I did not identify.
Cloud recognition is fascinating,
isn't it...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summertime Scavenger Hunt - 2013: Candles

Still working on the photo scavenger hunt and 
having a great time finding everything.

Candles aren't always the most exciting for me,
but I did manage to find of few that held some intrigue,
colorful attraction or
I just thought were pretty.

I'll let you guess which ones fell into which categories!


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Friday, August 23, 2013

Ding Ding Ding.. I won!

My husband told me that I got a package in the mail today.... 
but I didn't order anything...
I'm confused.

I opened it with great trepidation. 
I won some goodies on a blog.
What a nice surprise!

My bundle of goodies:
.... a magazine, a molding mat,
a package with paper and lace bits and
very nice handwritten note.

How cool!

I have come across some really terrific blogs over the last year or so, and Andria's Drawing Near is definitely one of them.
Maybe it's our shared love of junk shops and mixed media. 
I don't know, but I think you'll definitely want to check it out.

Thank you Andria for selecting me in your most recent give-away.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summertime Scavenger Hunt 2013 - signs / part 2

hereI can't help myself....

 interesting combo

 I'm confused

 arrows point the way to art sale & cookies

 pretty sign


 hippies welcome... 2 thumbs up

 ummm... which way??

 I just liked this one

this one made me smile

this one cracked me up

 say whaaaaat!
this one made me me scratch my head!

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and remember.....
and be creative!