The creative and spiritual journey of a (textile) recycler. . .

I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now. I just couldn’t seem to get started. I thought. . what would I say, what would I do and really . . . . . who would care.

Last year I had the great fortune to witness a ‘happening’. As a spouse at a reunion (I know, groan) I was both an observer and participant. This reunion was attended by some of the most creative and talented people on the face of the planet. Really, no exaggeration! But many were holding onto life long insecurities. They didn’t think they were talented enough and embarrassed to perform in front of each other for fear of . . who knows . . . finger pointing, whispers, laughter, ridicule of some sort for sure. Once it was revealed that many shared the same feelings, the healing began. And I was the lucky one. I got to witness it all and benefit as well.

So, the message is that we all think we are not good enough compared to someone else, but we are. Don’t let your fears and insecurities stop you. We can’t measure our own success by someone else’s talents.

This revelation and the kindness / support of strangers has propelled my creative journey to a place I had given up ever getting to. Tho I thought my creative juices were dried up forever, they have merely been reawakened. Many thanks to all involved in my process, including in-part . . Victoria B, Mrs. W., Charles Mc., Claudia H, Mary B, Cindy G, Sandy B, Traci B., Kat C, and my IAA family. So, thank you. I dedicate this blog to all of you!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bubble Girl stencil test drive

I was honored to be invited by Jessica Sporn to take part in one of her stencil test drives. I love Jessica's spirit, creativity, awesome art work and her fab for me, it was a no brainer .... I was in.

Then began to ponder what I'd do....

 I am not a painter, but having just received some canvas boards from a friend cleaning out her basement, I thought I'd just play and see what I could come up with. I had nothing to lose. I started in one direction...shades of yellows and oranges. Not at all my palette. Something went seriously wrong, so I began to just slap paint here and there just to cover up my disaster. Hmmm.. I kinda liked what I'd done so far, so I kept going, adding the stencil, newsprint and metallic paint. Oh boy.. I just love Bubble Girl.. 

The finished piece: Bubbles Brighten a Grey Day

Then I wanted to do something with fabric since I'm a textile recycler. I grabbed an old quilted bedspread that I've had hanging around for just this occasion. I did a crude measure of a spiral notebook and hacked away.

Next I stenciled the image onto the quilted fabric, then did some thread sketching in between the lines. The bubbles are metallic paint and outline stitched in black.

Last I added some text. A light lavender wash was applied to a small piece of fabric for some background to add text to. Then I just wrote the balance directly on the piece. I'm not totally thrilled with the ink coverage of the pen I used for the text, but I still can't wait to start using my new notebook cover!

I had been mulling over from the beginning what I really wanted to do with this stencil. The plan was to use some sheer fabric and do a really cool overlay with some piecing and stitching. But every time I got close to pulling the bits and pieces I needed, something else caught my eye and I was off in another direction. So after switching it up a handful of times, I landed on this vintagey fabric.

I cut some flowers and leaves from another fabric, then added it to the background, traced my pretty little bubble girl onto muslin, painted her, added her to black felt to add dimension. Did the same with the butterflies and bird. Then I fiddled around with various pieces of lace and decided to frame my gal. Last the entire piece was applied to a 12" x 12" canvas for a nice dimensional wall piece.

The finished piece: Leaving the Garden with Butterflies

So there we go... three uses for Bubble Girl;
in a painting, thread sketching and applique.

For a chance to win your very own Bubble Girl stencil, just leave a comment on this blog by October 27 at midnight EST telling me how YOU would use Bubble Girl.

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Thanks for stopping by. Happy stenciling!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Word for the year revisited

For some odd reason I decided to alleviate some stress today by revisiting old blog posts. I found one where other bloggie buddies were selecting a word for the year. I couldn't remember mine and once I got to the end of the post and saw my word I thought, 'oh yah...but what has that meant so far....'

My word for the year is: peaceful.
In reflection I would say that I have found some peace. Still a long way to go. I've had a lot on my plate in the last 10 months and sometimes weaving and other times muddling my way thru it all, has helped get me closer to that peaceful place I was looking for at the end of last year. But then... something else always happens and I feel like I am starting at square one again.

I count on making attempts at being creative and even better, finishing something that has allowed me to use my vast collection of art/sewing supplies and my innate creativity. And when that happens, I do feel peaceful, even if just for a few minutes, or hours. It's worth it.

So I guess my tip for today is, every once in a while recycle or go thru some old blog posts and see where you were then and where you are today. Then decide if you accomplished what you had hoped for or are you still moving toward it. I personally find that it gives me comfort and sometimes a newly defined direction.