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I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now. I just couldn’t seem to get started. I thought. . what would I say, what would I do and really . . . . . who would care.

Last year I had the great fortune to witness a ‘happening’. As a spouse at a reunion (I know, groan) I was both an observer and participant. This reunion was attended by some of the most creative and talented people on the face of the planet. Really, no exaggeration! But many were holding onto life long insecurities. They didn’t think they were talented enough and embarrassed to perform in front of each other for fear of . . who knows . . . finger pointing, whispers, laughter, ridicule of some sort for sure. Once it was revealed that many shared the same feelings, the healing began. And I was the lucky one. I got to witness it all and benefit as well.

So, the message is that we all think we are not good enough compared to someone else, but we are. Don’t let your fears and insecurities stop you. We can’t measure our own success by someone else’s talents.

This revelation and the kindness / support of strangers has propelled my creative journey to a place I had given up ever getting to. Tho I thought my creative juices were dried up forever, they have merely been reawakened. Many thanks to all involved in my process, including in-part . . Victoria B, Mrs. W., Charles Mc., Claudia H, Mary B, Cindy G, Sandy B, Traci B., Kat C, and my IAA family. So, thank you. I dedicate this blog to all of you!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Creative Quilt Backs

Making quilts. So many challenges. So many decisions. So many techniques. Quilt backs, ugh. We all have our own methods for peicing or creating the quilt back. I am always intrigued by the way other quilters tackle this challenge.

So I decided to check out this class on Quilt Backs.... and it's free!

Elizabeth Hartman offers four ways to make the back using simple, basic supplies. I like that. The easier the better and more likely that I'll actually finish the quilt! That means one less UFO to add to the stack...

She demonstrates her simple methods to make the quilt backs using her easy-to-follow directions and she shows you each step of the way. You will learn things like basic quilt back math. Even if math isn't your thing, its so easy to follow... you just can't mess up.

If you've ever had trouble figuring out what to do on the back and how to figure out how much fabric you need, this class is for you. Not only will you learn to figure out your yardage, but how to match up prints for a nice unbroken patterned back as well. Elizabeth will show you how to join those wonderful large scale prints that we all love so much but don't look so great with big seam lines breaking up the patterns. You know those seams bug you. Now, no worries....

The class also offers solid ideas for contemporary designs for the back. If you've ever have a handful of extra blocks and didn't have a clue what what to do with them, you will see very quickly what big impact and importance those left over blocks or pieced strips have if used on the back.

I like Elizabeth's design process, her improvisational piecing, and the cool secondary composition she achieves with such little effort.

In the comment section some people thought that that Elizabeth's techniques are too troublesome, but there's a reason her quilts look so spectacular. Her hard work and preplanning has a big payoff. Give it a try. I think you'll be thrilled with the outcome and the compliments.

Thank you Craftsy for another fantastic and FREE class!

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