The creative and spiritual journey of a (textile) recycler. . .

I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now. I just couldn’t seem to get started. I thought. . what would I say, what would I do and really . . . . . who would care.

Last year I had the great fortune to witness a ‘happening’. As a spouse at a reunion (I know, groan) I was both an observer and participant. This reunion was attended by some of the most creative and talented people on the face of the planet. Really, no exaggeration! But many were holding onto life long insecurities. They didn’t think they were talented enough and embarrassed to perform in front of each other for fear of . . who knows . . . finger pointing, whispers, laughter, ridicule of some sort for sure. Once it was revealed that many shared the same feelings, the healing began. And I was the lucky one. I got to witness it all and benefit as well.

So, the message is that we all think we are not good enough compared to someone else, but we are. Don’t let your fears and insecurities stop you. We can’t measure our own success by someone else’s talents.

This revelation and the kindness / support of strangers has propelled my creative journey to a place I had given up ever getting to. Tho I thought my creative juices were dried up forever, they have merely been reawakened. Many thanks to all involved in my process, including in-part . . Victoria B, Mrs. W., Charles Mc., Claudia H, Mary B, Cindy G, Sandy B, Traci B., Kat C, and my IAA family. So, thank you. I dedicate this blog to all of you!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random thought for today

I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I started this blog... didn't know what direction it would take or if I'd even want to do for any length of time. And I don't blog regularly either, tho I do try. Sometimes, time is a challenge in itself.

Well, I am so happy that I ventured into this new territory because I have 'met' some great folks along the way, learned lots of new things, gotten some positive feedback on my work, made some treasured friendships, tried some new creative techniques and challenged myself in ways I never thought I would or could.... so it's not true at all... you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. 
I'm living proof!

While working on my own and fiddling around on the Internet, I've stumbled across too many really cool blogs in the late night hours. There are way too many to list, but here are a handful that draw me in (in complete random order):

Please check out the blogs listed above and if you have a blog that you just love to visit regularly, please post it in the comment section so we can all visit it as well.


  1. With interest I read your words "The creative and spiritual journey of a (textile) recycler. . ." You are so right! Since I do not compare (the worth of) my art anymore, I felt so free with what I did, since I don´t care anymore if anyone like my stuff, it is getting better (because it has a message). Everyone tells you you are unique, can you be compared?
    Thank you for mentioning me in your blog, I am honored and thanks for your kind words.

    1. It's easier for some than others to get to that point... I am slowing reaching the pinnacle. Thank you for affirming my direction..

  2. Great list, I'm happy to be included though it should just be without slash blog at the end... Thanks!