The creative and spiritual journey of a (textile) recycler. . .

I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now. I just couldn’t seem to get started. I thought. . what would I say, what would I do and really . . . . . who would care.

Last year I had the great fortune to witness a ‘happening’. As a spouse at a reunion (I know, groan) I was both an observer and participant. This reunion was attended by some of the most creative and talented people on the face of the planet. Really, no exaggeration! But many were holding onto life long insecurities. They didn’t think they were talented enough and embarrassed to perform in front of each other for fear of . . who knows . . . finger pointing, whispers, laughter, ridicule of some sort for sure. Once it was revealed that many shared the same feelings, the healing began. And I was the lucky one. I got to witness it all and benefit as well.

So, the message is that we all think we are not good enough compared to someone else, but we are. Don’t let your fears and insecurities stop you. We can’t measure our own success by someone else’s talents.

This revelation and the kindness / support of strangers has propelled my creative journey to a place I had given up ever getting to. Tho I thought my creative juices were dried up forever, they have merely been reawakened. Many thanks to all involved in my process, including in-part . . Victoria B, Mrs. W., Charles Mc., Claudia H, Mary B, Cindy G, Sandy B, Traci B., Kat C, and my IAA family. So, thank you. I dedicate this blog to all of you!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can you make your own fabric??

Today was another nice day. Again, it was sunny and warm... if you can think of 44 degrees as warm... and dry. So I've had a run of a few good days to go outside... I know I wrote that yesterday, but seriously... it's a big deal. I've gone months and even years barely leaving the house unless to scurry into the car and scurry back out. A girl needs to be in her oh so protective cocoon...and allergies stink. Enough said on that.

Anyway, I was invited to spend a day with another friend. OMG... this gal lives way out in the boonies! It was a looooong drive but so worth it. We talked, ate, commiserated over all sorts of thinks including Yahoo changing it's email look (yuk) and enjoyed listening to her hubby's stories and jokes. It was wonderful and comforting. 

If you didn't know it, I am one really lucky lady.. for many reasons. Just one of them is because I have such wonderful and talented friends. This gal makes fabric! Yep, you heard me... MAKES it. She looms fibers from her own personal alpaca herd and creates some of the most yummy garments you've ever seen or felt. The hand of this fabric is so soft and drapey, lightweight yet warm. I am so in awe of her ability and talent. If you think I am gushing because we are friends... think again. I don't gush needlessly. The jacket photos are garments that she made from start to finish.... including making the yardage to start with! Check out the photo. Am I right....

So do you see why I am so impressed....AND if you think the day couldn't get any better for me, think again. If you have read anything on my blog and have learned just one thing about me, it would be my love affair with scraps... 
           ....Guess who hit the scrap jackpot! 

                                                                                         ding! ding! ding!

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